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7 instagram accounts for discovering Armenia

With Ryanair’s direct flight to Yerevan, Armenia is only 4 hours and 50 € away from Berlin. It’s high time to discover this beautiful land. We have selected 7 inspiring instagram accounts showcasing the beauty of Armenia.

Nature Armenia

This instagram account features postcard-style beautiful shots of Armenia and its nature. The polished and beautifully edited pictures project the beauty of the country’s nature.


Eduard is a marketing pro and a Yerevan native and he is fond of photography. He casually takes pictures of Armenia’s capital. His account was featured in Smithsonian Magazine.

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#Vernissage #Yerevan #carpets

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Streets of Yerevan

A long-time favorite of mine. Just an instagram account featuring pictures from the daily strolls of the author. No heavy-editing, no abusive use of filters, just honest pictures of Yerevan.

HIKE Armenia

This is the official instagram account of HIKE Armenia, an organization devoted to developing trekking routes, hiking trails and mapping. These guys are out there in the wild discovering and marking routes for all of us to enjoy. While at it, they also take awesome pictures of the nature. A perfect place for an outdoor junky.

Armenian Cuisine

I know you’ve been waiting for this… fooooooood!!!! Discover all the colors of Armenian cuisine with this beautiful insta account featuring the richness of shapes, colors and tastes of an Armenian grandma.

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