Wine-Tasting Tour in Armenia

Join us as we dive into an incredibly old culture of wine-making dating back to the Bronze age. During this 7-day wine and food tasting tour we will visit the world’s first-ever winery as well as family-run wineries that merge the traditions and new knowledge about wine.

wine tour armenia
Visit family-owned wineries in Armenia

Your trip will include

wine tasting tour in armenia 2020
  • Transfer from airport to hotel and back
  • 3-or4-star hotels and selected family-run pensions
  • 7x Breakfast, 3x lunch, 2x dinner
  • Professional travel guides
  • Visits to vineyards & wine tasting
  • Cooking workshop
  • Comfortable cars

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Day 1

Upon your arrival to Zvartnots International Airport in Yerevan, you will be transferred to the hotel where you can have a rest and prepare for a lunch and a guided walking tour in Yerevan. During the walk you will get acquainted with the city and get to know some of the most interesting things to see in Yerevan. After the stroll we will get back to hotel, where you should have a rest before the long journey to the countryside on the next day.

Day 2

We pick you up from the hotel after breakfast and head south, towards the wine-making and agricultural regions of Armenia. Although our first stop has nothing to do with food wine, the view that opens from Khor Virap Monastery is just impossible to miss. After that our next stop is a cave in Vayots Dzor region of Armenia, where recently the world’s oldest winery was found. After learning about wine-making techniques of the bronze age, we move forward to wards a modern-day family owned winery for a great day of wine tasting and delicious food.

Day 3

Awaken amidst vineyards of Vayots Dzor, we will savor breakfast made from locally grown and sourced delicious products and get going further south towards the world’s longest aerial tram in Tatev village and visit the Tatev Monastery overlooking a picturesque gorge. After some site seeing it is time for a lunch at one of the local family-run bed and breakfasts. Here you can witness the whole food-making process and take notes for your future gastronomic experiments at home. After lunch we head to Goris, where we will check in the hotel and have a stroll in the town․ For those who seek adventures, we will visit the nearby village of Khndzoresk (don’t try to pronounce it) where Armenia’s most crazy fruit schnaps is made.

Day 4

Is the day of our longest stretch on the road, where we will encounter beautiful scenery and wonders of nature such as the Shaqi waterfall or the Selim mountain pass-the highlight of the road trip. After we pass the Selim pass we will find ourselves near the famous lake Sevan, Armenia’s largest sweet water reservoir, where we will try freshly caught fish and enjoy the beautiful day at the shores of Sevan. After that we will ride tow Dilijan, a the final destination for the day, where we will meet some inspiring women rethinking Armenian cuisine and hear about their gastronomic experiments.

Day 5

A day fully dedicated to your relaxation and tranquility in Dilijan. We will enjoy the slow day in the shade of the trees of Dilijan National Park. Visit the center of the city and stroll along the shady paths that surround the city and enjoy traditional Armenian food.

Day 6

We are getting back to Yerevan and spend the day in the city, walking or shopping. We will also visit the Yerevan Brandy Factory for a tour and brandy-tasting. A day where you will have some time to spend on your own in the city and discover its many hidden gems. We will gather in the evening for a dinner and some drinks by Yerevan’s best bartenders.

Day 7

We will leave the hotel after breakfast for a day-trip near Yerevan, where we will visit a small winery around 40 km away from Yerevan. Delicious wine tasting in the vineyards as well as the tour in the wine cellar are a part of the day’s program, followed by a feast at a local household and a beautiful sunset.

Day 8

By this day, we are sure that you have completely savored the tastes of Armenia and are ready to get back home and share your wondrous stories, new recipes and wine brought from Armenia.