Armenia is stunning!

You have deserved it. Your holiday is soon!

urlaub in armenien

At last, it’s time to book your holiday! It has been a long period of restrictions, but now many new discoveries are awaiting you ahead. Armenia is the place where you meet inspiring people while sitting at the terrace of a cafe or wine bar while enjoying the tranquil atmosphere of Yerevan Nights. Recharge yourself with energy and great food. Welcome back to the normal!

Log off and set an “out of office” message…

Armenia is the perfect place for those of us who prefer to completely detach for a while from overwhelming technologies and the constant need to be available. Turn your holiday into a recreational experience and recharge your batteries. We have some great options for that!

urlaub in armenien

Travel Safety and Precautions

Let us plan your trip!

A lot of things to see and do are ahead!

pottery workshops yerevan

Why not learn a new skill or go for a multi-day hike while on a holiday? There are so many things to do in Armenia for virtually every taste: from Wine tastings, workshops to abandoned Soviet buildings or various festivals that take place all year round. Fun time is guaranteed. There are also a lot of things to do if you are with children! What else do you need for a perfect holiday?!


It’s your turn now. Start planning your trip!