Sightseeing Tour Around Yerevan

Whether an extended week-end or a short holiday in Armenia, this three-day tour is a great offer for a fun family trip. A trip packed with fun and adventures and spiced up with rich flavors of Armenian wine and food. Fly over the lush forests of Tavush and enjoy the delicious wine straight from the wine barrels of a family-run winery in Armenia.

Tour Highlights

  • 3-day tour in Armenia
  • Visit Armenia’s only survived pagan temple
  • Ride a horse or slide on a zipline over the lush forests
  • Visit Lake Sevan, and beautiful town of Dilijan
  • Wine tasting in a family-run winery.
  • Spend a chilled evening in the wine-bars of Yerevan
  • Try local cuisine

boy riding a horse in armenia

Tour description

Day 1: Yerevan-Garni-Geghard-Yerevan

sightseeing tour armenia 2020
Garni Temple 🏛. 1st. Century AD

Our guides will pick you up at your hotel in Yerevan and we will begin our journey to Garni– the only surviving pagan monastery in Armenia. The temple was built in the first century and is devoted to the pagan god of Sun. The temple is located on a rock overlooking a the Azat river canyon and its breath-taking views.

We will see the temple and it’s adjacent sights such as the ruins of the Royal bath and it’s antique mosaic. Afterwards we will head towards the nearby canyon where you will see a one of a kind wonder of nature, the stone organ and other interesting sights such as the old bridge connecting the forest with the village.

Our second stop is at a UNESCO-listed Geghard monastery. The monastery is carved entirely out of a rock and thus represents a unique architectural monument. The monks have a long tradition of keeping bees at the monastery and you can still see the beekeepers in the monastery area. The church has a wonderful acoustics thanks to its structure as well as amazing rock-carved ornaments on the walls.

On our way back to Yerevan, we will stop by a viewing point called the Arch of Charents. It is a great place to take epic pictures and to observe the famous mount Ararat in all its majesty.

After our return to Yerevan, you will have some rest after which we will go to an evening stroll in the city-center and enjoy some nice wines and crafted beer.

Day 2: Wine tasting and sightseeing in Ashtarak

wine barrels
Visit a local winery in Armenia

We will visit the Saghmosavank monastery located on a picturesque hilltop, where you can see the beautiful landscape of Kasakh river and canyon. Before we begin our gastronomic journey.

Armenia has rich wine-making traditions dating back to over 6000 years. Vineyards are spread across the west of the country producing wine from local grape varieties. Among these countless wineries some stand out for their wonderful views and the atmosphere. The Van Ardi winery near Ashtarak is definitely one of them. During our visit you will have a great opportunity to taste some wonderful Armenian wine. You will also have a small tour around the vineyards and the winery.

After we return to Yerevan, we will have a small rest after which we will have a walk in the city center where we will visit the city’s most important landmarks

Day 3: Yerevan-Sevan-Dilijan-Lastiver

Apaga Resort
Outdoor adventures in this wonderful resort! 🏔

On the third day of our journey we will visit the beautiful lake Sevan, located on an altitude of 1900 meters above see level. Our first stop is the 9th century Sevanavank monastery located on a picturesque peninsula and offering great views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

After the sightseeing at Sevan Lake we will continue our journey to Dilijan, a beautiful town surrounded by lush forests and mountains. We will spend some time walking in the town and visit the adjacent monastery.

Apaga resort is a fairy-tale-like village on the hills of Tavush region. We will spend some time here, where you will enjoy outdoor activities such as horseback riding, zip-line and hikes.

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